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Product Features:

The radishes are vegetable little appreciated in Italy, where you only eat raw. In other countries their consumption is much more widespread and they also serve cooked. Radishes we eat especially the root; Different types can be found they are distinguished by color. The best time to harvest is from April to July, but, thanks to greenhouse cultivation, can be found on the market all year round. Smaller ones are preferable because they are less woody.

Nutritional product values according to the Italian Institute for Food and Nutrition


Product Features:

Daikon (Japanese daikon, literally "big root"), also called Chinese radish, Japanese radish, radish or winter, is a variety of radish common native of East Asia. Although there are many varieties of daikon, the most common in Japan, the aokubi daikon, has the shape of a large carrot, approximately 20-35 in length, and 5-10 cm in diameter. Daikon contains high quantities of vitamin C and the enzyme myrosinase .

Nutritional product values

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Fresco Secco Brandmark
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