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Fresco Secco Brandmark

Your brand with our quality standards


Our quality for your brand. Cool Dry is able to package and distribute products of the range is the division " cool " that the division "dry" with your trademark. To the distribution structures that need a complete, reliable , safe and precise, Fresco Secco guarantees the supply at different locations or local distribution centers.

Getting the packaging material, stored at the warehouse goods annexed to the central packaging, Fresco Secco work preparing products following the same parameters of safety, quality and reliability which guarantees for the brands it owns.


The packaging machinery are able to work orders promptly and accurately. The company is also organized for the delivery or distribution of the quantities at customer sites with a fleet of heavy vehicles xx and xx means more agile for quick deliveries.


Formats are available as follows:

casse in plastica legno cartone
kit richiudibile in PET
rete estrusa
busta fondo quadro
busta cuscino
busta stabilo
bauletto in termoretraibile
girsac con manichetto
sacco raschel
girsac con bande laterali
rete tessuta estrusa
girsac con bande laterali
Fresco Secco Brandmark
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Sede Legale e Operativa: Aggl. Ind.le di Macchiareddu (Cacip) VII Strada

Zona CEM - Lotto 67/B 09010 UTA (Cagliari) P.Iva e C.F: 02779970926 Cap. Soc. I.V € 10.000

N° Iscrizione Registro Imprese di Cagliari 02779970926

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