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Product Features:

The iceberg lettuce is part of leafy vegetables and is native to the United States. The heads are very compact and closed. The leaves take on a color ranging from light green to dark green and are sturdy and crisp. There are several varieties that at first glance are very similar. From June to September is the iceberg lettuce of national origin, while in the winter months is to import. Well packed and kept cool you can save a lot longer than other salads.

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Product Features:

The head is compact, with leaves sometimes even slightly blistering, mid-size and large color almost completely green; only the inner part is crispy. It is a vegetable very perishable.

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Product Features:

The romaine lettuce is one of the Compositae family, belonging to the variety longifolia, it has leaves straight and long and narrow head compact, its color varies from white to light green of the central part to the dark green of the outer leaves and the part highest. The romaine lettuce can reach a length of 40 cm and a weight of 300 grams.

Nutritional product values according to the Italian Institute for Food and Nutrition


Product Features:

The "lollo rossa" is a quality of lettuce in Campania introduced about a decade ago from Northern Europe, with tufts of red light greenish or variant "TRIPLE RED" of a bright red and tending to the scarlet and then light heads on average (200 grams on average), grows short and hemispherical. It has a good dose of vitamins, minerals and trace elements, especially iodine, nickel, cobalt, manganese and copper.

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FRISEE SALAD (scarola)

Caratteristiche del prodotto:

The curly endive, commonly known by the popular name of endive, is a perennial herbaceous plant belonging to the Composite family, the genus cichorium (Chichorium endive). The curly endive has many green leaves have a slightly bitter taste. This vegetable is more than just a green leafy salad is rich in many essential nutrients for our body.

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