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Fennel know different varieties: the dulce or Roman, cultivated for the fruits from which we get the essence and cultivated as a vegetable for large fleshy leaf sheaths; the capillaceum (fennel), perennial present in the peninsula and the islands of Istria (uncultivated grassy slopes, edges of roads); forms sativum annual, grown for the achenes aromatic.

Nutritional product values according to the Italian Institute for Food and Nutrition

Sede Legale e Operativa: Aggl. Ind.le di Macchiareddu (Cacip) VII Strada

Zona CEM - Lotto 67/B 09010 UTA (Cagliari) P.Iva e C.F: 02779970926 Cap. Soc. I.V € 10.000

N° Iscrizione Registro Imprese di Cagliari 02779970926

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