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Catering e retail Services by Fresco Secco


Fresco Secco serves equally well to level both final consumers that firms, needing a catering service. Products can be packaged in different sizes and weights as individual need (see Package Formats AVAILABLE here). The delivery times are fast and ted, by maintaining strict standards of the corporate structure. Maintaining standards these management and quality manifests itself in search of a strong competitiveness respect quality and price on the market. Timeliness and research products special specific and are discounted in a very short time thanks to a logistics flyght service.


All products leaving the farm must meet the following criteria for customer satisfaction:

No defect in shape

Elimination of all foreign matter

Canceling microbiological problems

Limitation of claims by the customer


The company has a strict code of ethics of safety and environmental downloadable from the download area in the italian version of this site.


In this website will be possible in the future, to have more information on the various products, both with regard to the commercial sphere, both in terms of nutrition and the properties of various brand products.

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Fresco Secco Brandmark
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Sede Legale e Operativa: Aggl. Ind.le di Macchiareddu (Cacip) VII Strada

Zona CEM - Lotto 67/B 09010 UTA (Cagliari) P.Iva e C.F: 02779970926 Cap. Soc. I.V € 10.000

N° Iscrizione Registro Imprese di Cagliari 02779970926

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